6 Industries Benefiting from the Use of Chatbots

Gone are those days when customers did connect to one of the operators for getting a resolution related to a product or service they used. That too after waiting for about 10 minutes, as the call was on hold. You know how frustrating the experience is as a customer. It is not only a challenge for consumers but also for industries that are keen on taking their customer service to the next level. Today, just customer satisfaction will not buy the confidence of the buyers; you need to exceed their expectations. With the advent of new technologies, most industries use chatbots to communicate with their customers, thus doing away with the problems related to customer calls, waiting time, and so on.

These days, many sectors are using chatbots to answer customer questions, resolve their issues, generate leads, improve customer experience, and build customer engagement. Chatbots also help in saving significant customer service hours. Studies indicate that businesses would save 2.5 billion customer service hours with the use of chatbot apps by 2023. In this blog article, you will learn about the six key industries that will benefit from using chatbots.

1. Education

Today, children use smartphones and iPads and learn about new technologies to gear them up to face the challenges ahead. It is true indeed that technology has made the job of teachers a tad easier. Artificial intelligence has changed learning methods, providing students with a smart learning system. Today, intelligent chatbots encourage kids to enjoy a dedicated learning atmosphere to take the tutoring system to another level.

Whether candidates want to stay about new schedules, learn about a new topic, chatbot technology never fails to disappoint them. These days, students show interest in applications and tools that are user-friendly, making the communication process simple and effortless. The students use chatbots to resolve issues concerning their assignments, questions related to their tuition fees, course content, recommendations related to the best colleges or universities, and things like that.

2. Healthcare

You need information related to hospitals, physician’s appointments, awareness campaigns, symptoms of diseases, and the steps required to alleviate the symptoms. Then, you vent out your frustrations because you need to stay indoors amid the pandemic. Fortunately, you have chatbots to get answers to all your questions and the healthcare sector as well comes to the assistance of ailing patients. Did you know that the alert related to COVID-19 by World Health Organization (WHO) had successfully reached two billion people via WhatsApp message?

Some chatbots act as symptom checkers. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, when an individual uses a healthcare-based chatbot, he may feel slightly feverish with a runny nose. The chatbot will recommend the medication and if the person wants to make an appointment, he may do and consult a medical professional. All these tasks of suggesting and scheduling appointments are done by chatbot technology. You may also receive useful healthcare tips through chatbots.

3. Food sector

The industry that reaped the maximum benefits out of chatbots is the food sector, undeniably. Whether you want to book a table in a plush restaurant or want delicious food delivered to your home, chatbots work round the clock for food businesses and customers. Again, when you would like to learn about the best fine dining restaurant in town or a café location, you get your answers in no time! Yes, all your questions are answered with super-intelligent chatbots with a single tap of a button.

The food and beverage industry reaps more benefits from chatbots compared to the other sectors. These days, major restaurants develop chatbots on social networking sites to win the trust of a huge number of customers. Even during the corona crisis, the food industry operated and delivered to customer’s homes. Thanks to chatbot technology!

You may have ordered delicious pizzas from Domino’s Pizza, the fast-food brand that uses a simple chatbot to receive customer orders. All you need to do is tap a couple of buttons and get your pepperoni pizza delivered to your doorstep. There is no need to call any customer service number and wait for several minutes to have the pizza delivered.

The benefits of chatbot applications for restaurants are many. You can display the menu, food recommendations, taste, and cost of the dishes. Chatbots also help in tracking an order, making the food delivery process easy and convenient.

4. Online stores

Today, many businesses are going online, more so after the corona pandemic that created havoc all over the world. These days, you can order all your products, grocery items, clothes, and anything under the sun from the comfort of your home. The benefit of a chatbot is undeniable because businesses can sell their products or services and interact with customers worldwide. Thanks to chatbots!

When you have an online fashion store, you need to pamper your audience with high-definition photos, a fast-loading website, shipping, customer-friendly policies, monitoring customer queries, and more. You need to cope with all such requirements, and digital marketing makes its mark and performs excellently with the use of digital media. When you have an online business, you need to benefit from chatbot technology, cutting back on the problems faced by customers. Again, for customer satisfaction, there is no need to communicate with your potential customers in person, but a chatbot to work as your digital assistant.

The greatest benefit of chatbots is that it minimizes communication problems and addresses all customer issues. For example, when users learn about the shipping process or tracking a particular order, they will get their queries resolved right from the chatbot app, thus receiving speedy resolutions in no time!

5. Travel and tourism

The moment a travel agency creates hype about an exotic beach location or hill town on social networking platforms, travel enthusiasts look for gathering loads of information, hotel bookings, flight tickets, and of course, advance payments. Many travel companies have an influx of customers and deal with endless queries by leveraging chatbot technology. These chatbots are designed to collate information, inform tourists about happening tours, and provide information concerning touristy spots, locations, and much more.

When you have a chatbot app in place, you can provide ample information for improving tourist experiences and customer loyalty. Moreover, chatbots make the FAQs and initial travel-related queries easier, serving as a digital travel agent. Chatbots used in the travel industry are equipped with several errands for dealing with queries and issues smartly and efficiently.

6. Real estate

No matter whether you are a buyer or a seller, you require a fast response concerning a house, apartment, or land for sale. Before you make any purchase decision, you need to have your questions answered. When it comes to real estate, over 50 percent of the investigations are done via calls or message texts. Yet, you fail to squeeze time out of your busy schedule to deal with all questions right away. However, when your client uses a chatbot tool, all problems are solved.

Today, many real estate firms are using chatbot applications to make greater profits. As far as chatbots are concerned, they reply to customer questions, resolve issues, as well as, help in generating leads. Based on the findings of Chatbot Magazine, over 28 percent of property businesses are using chatbot technologies to their benefit.

The deploying of chatbots helps in making real estate operations simpler and speedy. Consider the way these chatbots conclude the requirements of your prospective customers.

Final thoughts

Now that you know which of the industries use chatbots to simplify operations and resolve customer queries in little time. Join the bandwagon to improve your customer service, boost conversions, minimize costs, and earn revenue. Use chatbots as a dominant tool to cut back on workload. Cognilytic walks the extra mile to boost industry growth by developing conversational bots for your industry. You can request a demo or try our chatbot solutions for a free trial. Contact us here.

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