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Digital transformation is a global tendency to shift from existing physical operating models and assign delivery to digital systems. Companies have to embrace this change to stay on board and updated with the market. To successfully enable it, they need to modernize their legacy systems, leverage the full potential of the cloud-centric infrastructure, and utilize data science expertise to build data-driven organizations. Digital transformation operates under three heads-

People transformation

Process transformation

Customer transformation

Amidst major digital transformation initiatives, Cloud adoption is the strategy that is becoming more and more relevant for organizations. Organizations are migrating to the cloud. It helps these companies to scale, reduce costs, improve resiliency, and have better strategic operations globally. The idea behind quick cloud adoption is to scale services, fit their needs, and leverage third-party services. Cloud services can provide virtualization, collaboration, and support.

However, almost 95% of the companies face numerous challenges in their cloud adoption journeys:

Security concerns about limited visibility into control over their data

Inability to build cost-effective architectures with best-suited components based on their business needs

Inability to create a hybrid architecture for cloud.

Business Solution

The emergent need of almost all companies is to create and integrate hybrid-cloud or native solutions for more lucrative business outcomes. Enterprise customers can better understand Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Adoption Framework, Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS, with sound technical guidance. Flexible, secure, and in-depth knowledge of cloud adoption has become a must. Tangible cloud business solutions like Amazon Web Services can help companies secure costly IT resources and applications in the cloud. IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS equipment software/applications can provide deployment models for practical cloud computing.

The data consultants at Cognilytic come with deep industry experience of AI-based enterprise solutions. Our close collaboration with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon position us to develop project roadmaps that can transform your business. At Cognilytic, BI and data analytics unpack new business opportunities and enable cost-cutting to its maximal.

Our analytics consulting brings actionable impact not only to end customers, but also :

Business heads (who get to see enhanced business value)

Managers (who experience more successful projects) and

Operations teams (who enjoy streamlined business processes).

Artificial Intelligence is winning its way into several industries through cloud computing. However, research brings out some pertinent bottlenecks impacting the adoption of AI at the individual company level. Hence, the paradigm shift of AI requires a considerable skill transformation. We are working strategically with our customers to assess their AI readiness. Cloud computing enhances AI with edge computing providing personalized experiences for your customers without worrying about centralized artificial intelligence and data security issues. Edge AI is a clear answer to most of the industrial problems in the modern era.

Business Process Management (BPM) gives complete flexibility on process chain management with minimal cost implications. Process improvements include eliminating bottlenecks, implementing a streamlined process flow, removing duplicate & redundant steps, unified storage of documents, among others. BPM eliminates red tape in organizations. It means that it enables information flow transparency to be internal and external stakeholders with wisely implemented information flow compliance-based guidelines. BPM solutions, when implemented through Cloud Computing, provide tangible business benefits in terms of enhanced efficiency, compliance & governance, end to end visibility, quick turnaround, and, most importantly, customer delight.

For example, one of our clients, a large Insurance company, required massive amounts of paperwork, and customers expect communication throughout the entire process to be automated. Such finance companies deal with a high volume of customers who need a predefined set of services at specific points of their journey. Hence, their IT teams can benefit significantly from workflow software that enables them to deliver projects with the opportunity to trigger alerts when certain conditions occur.

Robotic Process Automation enables task automation to organizations through machine learning and artificial intelligence-based software. The system can handle high-volume tasks (like calculations, records maintenance, queries handling), which humans otherwise perform. The automation technology includes software-controlled robots that mimic the working flow of humans. RPA reduces the labor-intensive tasks enabling more time-worthy tasks to be completed earlier. The best part is that such systems don’t need code development for accessing the applications. The bots help automate the working and simplify the tasks like scheduling appointments and assessing diagnosis data in healthcare.

The integration of bots in the manufacturing sector aids in shipping processes, production, handling buyers/suppliers, and order fulfillment. They assist in checking application forms, assessing eligibility, validating documents, and updating progress reports in the education sector.

Who Benefits?

We empower the culture, technology, and operations of clients with profitable cloud adoption strategies. Our cloud services impact the objectives and Key Performance Indicator (KPI)s of:

Business managers, administrators, and decision-makers (who gain cost-savings, business continuity benefits, cloud scalability, and flexibility):

They can easily automate their work, analyze their customer preferences through AI, make changes accordingly, improve business management through increased transparency, efficiency between different teams, and secure and share their work easily using Cloud Computing.

Employees (who get to access resources from any remote location, anytime, using tablets, smartphones, laptops):

The most massive blocker to a smooth process flow is the communication and flow of information. With cloud computing, it gets transformed into effective communication and saves time for the employees.

IT security and compliance teams (they can mitigate technical risks, security breaches, and attacks)

Management and the assets’ security become simpler with process management and automation.

IT governance and operation teams (who get simplified ways of handling, software, network, workloads, servers, storage, bandwidth)

By benefiting each company’s team in the above ways, overall, we Cognilytic provide digital transformation to our client’s work with increased security, scalability, transparency, and efficiency.

Why Cognilytic for Cloud Adoption?

At Cognilytic, we align our cloud offerings in line with your business objectives. With in-depth Microsoft Azure expertise, Cognilytic is the best partner in this journey for the following reasons :

Trigger off smart business intelligence and innovative processes to increase business worth. Our cloud services and designs can make your digital transformation journey fast and hassle-free. The cloud is not new to us. Our deep industry understanding enables quick and effective cloud adoption to match your expected cloud outcomes.

We follow the leader’s approach to cloud adoption. We help you make a hundred percent use of your cloud services, precisely the way Google, Microsoft, and Amazon do. Our cloud frameworks will provide the right tools, narratives, and guidance to shape up your business.

Suppose you are looking forward to creating and aligning actionable adoption plans for seamless cloud migration, automate your workloads to secure more tangible migration results or optimize your digital experiences. In that case, Cognilytic helps you quickly achieve your goals. Reach out to our cloud management capabilities to create more business value today.

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