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Microsoft has a huge following when it comes to cloud-based support or infrastructure because businesses are shifting towards sustainable data storage services. Microsoft Azure cloud migration is beneficial because it provides small to medium-sized businesses with a defined set of cloud solutions, thus giving your organization the liberty to deploy apps on a worldwide network and using the framework and tools.

Microsoft Azure is gaining traction and of late, Gartner identified it as the promising leader when it comes to cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), cloud storage solutions, and an application platform as a service (PaaS0). If you are still thinking, why to choose Azure, here are the pros and cons of the cloud-based services:


Easy on your budget

When you invest in cloud services, there is no need to spend more of your money on other storage solutions and IT infrastructure services. It implies that you have the funds to invest in whatever you like and wherever you would like to on a worldwide scale. As far as a cloud environment is concerned, it becomes easy for you to start with internal apps and applications without the need to spend on external hardware. All of this also reduces your maintenance expenses, thus providing you with an affordable IT solution.

Microsoft Azure has the pay as you go model, thus allowing small to medium businesses to handle their IT budgets in a better way, as you can invest as much as you require.

Ensures security

Microsoft Azure emphasizes IT security, as it adheres to the standard security model of DADSC, which means Detect, Access, Diagnose, Stabilize, and Close. With powerful cybersecurity checks, DADSC has let Azure attain numerous compliance certifications, which have helped it be a key player when it comes to IaaS security.

Microsoft is a secured platform and at the same time, the ultimate user benefits out of the same. The multi-stage security is imperative because internet security hazards are increasing daily all over the world, adversely affecting businesses and users, thus posing considerable risks associated with loss of confidential business or user data. Azure also benefits you with easy, user-friendly services to let you secure your application passwords.

More availability

One of the other benefits of cloud adoption is the high and easy accessibility of servers, which is possible if you switch to Microsoft Azure. Did you know that you get an uptime assurance of 99.95 percent as per the legal contract of Azure? It signifies that you will get only 4.5 hours of downtime, in real-time all through the year. Other services like Azure offer approx 98 percent availability at the same price.


Platform knowledge

If you use Azure, you will require the knowledge and skills to operate the platform to ensure all essential parts are functioning properly. The common blunder committed by administrators is the over-provision of cloud-based services. Even if you make a minor error, it is not so simple to identify on the Azure platform, thus costing your business heavily annually.


Adopting a cloud-based account is simple today, but as far as Azure is concerned, 54 areas are serving various nations all over the world. Therefore, if you hail from a place distant from the data center area, lack of speed is an issue, which is troublesome for some businesses.

Calls for tool management

Microsoft Azure calls for definite handling of tools like monitoring servers and patching. It is different from the SaaS platforms because they rely on the ultimate user to use information. Besides, you will also require human resources to monitor the cloud-based data center physically; ensuring aspects are easy and smooth.

Are you prepared to switch to Azure?

Considering the pros and cons, you prepared to move to Microsoft Azure? If so, make your cloud migration process seamless and smooth. Contact us today.

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