Transforming CX Digitally

The way businesses operate today and interact with their customers is drastically different from decades ago. The digital transformation in providing the best customer experience is probably only the beginning. Cognilytic keeps track of the evolutions in the technology and brings them to enhance the customer experience.

We stand at the brink of a digital explosion, and an “intelligence wave” awaits us.

The past five years saw the beginning of the “age of customers.” The digital transformation made the customers in charge of how they interact with the businesses. On the other hand, the enterprises are striving to adapt to a global and digital economy, adopting various digital transformation solutions.

Why do you need Digital Transformation?

It’s not about establishing an online or offline business. Customers interact with your business in several ways, and they expect the same brand experience across those channels. According to a study by PwC, customers said they would walk away even after a single bad experience with a brand.

Since technology is ever-changing, so digital transformation is the new way business gets done across the globe. The companies already on the frontline are in to reap high rewards.

How the world is moving ahead with Digital CX Transformation [ Use cases ]

Provide Value

Even though you aim to adopt digital transformation to enhance customer experience, the primary focus should be on providing value. You should not create an app just for the sake of it. Investing in some part of your business without obtaining customer feedback is not wise. So, look for your current service areas, which can improve using technology to fulfill your aim for the digital transformation of your customer experience.

Customer Obsession:

The CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, was asked, “How do I get my organization to change and become more like yours?” Tony replied, “I don’t know. That sounds hard.” Amazon, Uber, Zappos built their customer-obsessed cultures right from the start. Their “digital transformation” stories did not have to transform. Perhaps, that is what digital transformation goals are all about – customer obsession. According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, 39% of the outperforming companies made customers an integral part of their core strategies. They set up an omnichannel strategy to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Automation is the key:

Automation evolved over the last few decades and has become an integral part of digital transformation technology. It is not just basic chatbots throwing canned responses across you. Many business processes can now be automated using cognition technologies to help address tasks like round the clock support, customer onboarding, etc. with ease. In a survey conducted by Accenture, 84% of the respondents said that they preferred interacting with a computer-based system because of their round-the-clock availability.

Technologies involved

At this point, the realization of emphasizing Customer Experiences kicks in, and this is when our team at Cognilytic comes into play. Our labs engineer a personalized solution that is customized to fit your requirements. We value the relations, hence try to understand the technologies with which your use case properly fits. To enrich Customer Experience, we are well versed in the most sophisticated and advanced technologies. We do this by empowering solutions with :


A smoother experience needs proper support at every step, be it onboarding, on-purchase, post-purchase, or customer feedback. It is possible in the modern era with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Further, sentiment analysis tools are on uprise to understand the customers better. We help you cut costs and save time for your support agents by providing chatbots to answer the go queries. We aim to deliver your customers and the team a seamless experience to increase their productivity. Cognilytic’s AI team of experienced researchers ensure to bring your needs to life in a defined time frame and pattern.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud is the real icebreaker for any business willing to put on a geographically distributed presence. Cloud computing empowers not only employees but also machines in the new age. IoT and Cloud provide a one-off effort solution that simplifies collaboration in your business/organization. Effective communication promotes customer satisfaction, ensuring a very engaging impact. It is our priority and truly aligns with our principles of operation.

Robotic Process Automation:

A vast number of processes do not need human intervention. Hence, we automate them. Using various tools that fit our clients end requirements, we reduce the manual labor and the human errors associated with it. Unlike humans, machines are superfast at repeating tasks, so we program them what they are best at. Hyper Automation is an advanced technique incorporating AI and Machine Learning to enhance the process. We love solving problems with automation and would love to know how we can solve it for you. Reach out to us here to bring your ideas to life.

Augmented / Virtual Reality (AR/VR):

Gone are the days of physical interaction. Augmented Reality has brought the immersive experience of communication, visualization, and virtualization to the digital realm. Imagine the sales increment just because your most-valued customers can try out your services or products and feel ahead of time. AR is the “new natural” that brings customer experience to an entirely new realm of connectedness with the providers. Congilytic holds a strong front in Augmented Reality, and we are very agile in developing and delivering most customer-centric solutions.


The master of all ledgers, i.e., blockchain technology, enables a global solution to the most common problems. It is similar to owning a digital locker that ensures your customers never are worried about losing their digital identity. All their digital activity is empowered and enhanced to meet their expectations, ensuring you a win-win on both fronts.

The vibrant technologies ensure the most seamless experience on the customer’s front. We at Cognilytic Technologies bring such experiences to Reality by guaranteeing delivery of what you exactly need.

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