Manufacturing Data Analytics

Manufacturing Data Analytics

Cognilytic Manufacturing Analytics is a comprehensive solution addressing enterprise-wide BI & Analytics needs of manufacturing businesses. The solution is provided with in depth drill downs, slice-dice, cooperative options and conjointly high-powered by the most recent advanced analytics techniques that makes it an impressive manufacturing analytics product.

Value Proposition

The solution has been implemented with success for global clients and has driven key business advantages as represented below

Increased Quality

Reduced inventory cost

Increased equipment accessibility

Rapid go-to-market

Reduced claim costs

Enhanced teamwork

Product Coverage

The Solution provides extensive functional coverage encompassing all departments in a manufacturing enterprise.

Warehouse Management

Supply Chain Management

Production / Factory Analytics



Human Resources

The digital enterprise comprises of digitized and integrated processes, products & business models

Core Application

Core Application Fields

Core technologies to provide innovative
Industry 4.0 solutions

The critical role of Data Analytics for successfully digitizing the manufacturing enterprise


Industry 4.0 - From talk to action and implementation

Deepen digital relationships with more empowered customers

Data analytics & digital trust are the foundation of transformation

Industry 4.0 is accelerating globalization, but with a distinctly regional flavor

Digitization drives quantum leaps in performance

Focus on people and culture to drive transformation

Big investments with big impact: It’s time to commit

Robust, enterprisewide data analytics capabilities require significant change

To help manufacturers becoming data-driven, we provide a full set of analytical services

Data & Analytics Strategy

Maturity Assessment
Maturity Assessment

We assess the analytics maturity of your business and jointly select the right use cases for growing your analytics capabilities.

Implementation Road-map

We analyze the requirements of your stakeholders and jointly define concrete steps for implementing analytics in your organization.

Data & Analytics Services

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

We define and implement production KPI systems, reports and dashboards to make production insights available across your enterprise.

Smart Manufacturing Analytics

We provide you a suite of smart manufacturing applications (“apps”) based on Analytics, Internet of Things and Cloud technology.

Customer & Supplier Insights

We leverage your sales & customer data as well as publicly available data to enrich manufacturing analytics with a customer perspective.

We help our customers to select the right operationalization strategy to integrate our Data & Analytics solutions in a productive environment.

Direct Connection

Direct connection of systems and machines to the selected cloud infrastructure.

Traditional Gateways

Connection with a central gateway as interface between production network and external network systems.

Extended Middleware

Middleware layer which acts as a functional interface to enable multiple cloud delivery, extended security and edge analytics.

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