Computer Vision

Leverage Cognilytic’s Computer Vision solution to extract business critical visual content from your unstructured image & video data such as facial information, text recognition, content moderation, object detection, image categorization. Integrate with your existing systems for edge, fog or cloud level analysis at scale.

Our Approach

We follow the following approach for our Image Analytics scenarios- Build, Train, Test, Deploy, Iterate.

Extensible Image Analytics scenarios using pre-trained and/or custom trained image analytics models.

Deploy anywhere on cloud or on-premise with containers

Address custom & diverse scenarios using accelerated deep learning trained models

For your custom scenarios, bring your labelled training data and deploy custom trained models for your image analytics scenario


Deep Learning Frameworks (CNNs)

Pre-trained models on millions of images and scenarios

Transfer learning models through APIs for scenarios which require custom model training


Identify and tag visual features in an image

Bounding box object detection for identified objects

Generate description of images in human readable languages

Optical Character recognition (OCR)

Use Cases

Automated Inspection (Manufacturing)

Build quality control, increased efficiency, production speed by early detection of abnormalities in production lines

Text Extraction (Retail, Entertainment)

Digitize printed or handwritten text data from legacy data stores.

Object Detection

Create bounding box for objects of interest and generate thumbnails using the identified objects.

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