Azure Cloud Migration Service Provider

Azure Cloud Migration Service Provider

Azure Cloud is your One-Stop Solution!

Azure cloud migration is a widely adopted enterprise cloud solution for all digital businesses today. Cloud migration forms an integral part of any company’s digital transformation strategy, and we help them migrate to the cloud in just the right way.

With so many cloud platforms already in the market, it becomes imperative to decide your business’s best one. Azure cloud migration services provide enough reasons to adopt their tools and practices while migrating to their cloud platform. These tools and methods help you manage all of your simple applications and the ones involving a complex IT infrastructure. The best part about choosing the Azure cloud migration services is their pay-as-you-go model.

Cognilytics offers azure cloud migration services and caters to Azure cloud migration services, as Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). As your Azure cloud migration services provider, we guide your enterprise to smoothly transition to help you realize your full potential and accelerate your cloud migration to Azure Cloud.

Why Choose Cognilytics as your Azure Cloud Migration Service provider?

As your Azure cloud migration service provider, we have a structured and systematic strategy to help you migrate to the Azure cloud. We ensure that none of your workloads gets affected while migrating to Azure.

Our certified team of Azure DevOps engineers and consultants ensure that we give you the best in class, Azure cloud migration services. They help you to accelerate your cloud migration journey keeping in mind all the stakes involved. Having served several clients with successfully transforming to Azure cloud, we can help you do it for your enterprise too. Gone are the days when on-prem data centers were sufficient to meet your business requirements. Both the latency and the security of your applications improve with the aid of our Azure cloud migration services.

Our Azure Cloud Migration Process

We already have a group of trained and certified professionals adept at helping your enterprise embrace the Azure cloud migration services. We have more than a decade of experience delivering these services and leaving our clients immensely satisfied with their cloud migration.

As your azure cloud migration service provider, we follow the following steps to ensure a hassle-free transition to the Azure cloud platform.

Assessment and Planning

Our team of expert Azure cloud migration services helps to assess the applications, the types of workloads, and the security and compliance perspectives. As your cloud migration service provider, we lay down a clear plan to help you transition smoothly without hampering your current services.

We understand the technical limitations involved and how to overcome that.

Identify any security or compliance goals.

Identify the pilot environments for Proof of Concept.

We select the key stakeholders from your business and consistently keep them in a loop.

Prioritize the applications to migrate

Design and Building

After analyzing the Azure cloud migration services’ IT infrastructure requirements, we build a pilot Azure environment. The pilot Azure environment meets your security, compliance, and other workload related requirements.

Building a minimum viable cloud environment

Implement all the security and compliance tools

Install the 3rd party tools

Integrating the CI/CD pipelines with our automation

Prepare a Business Continuity Plan to scale up your business.


Next, we go ahead to deploy your applications after several rounds of rigorous testing finally. We distribute the production-keys to you and help you go live as your Azure cloud migration services provider.

Training the key stakeholders to deal with the new cloud environment

Further refining your Azure application.

For large and complex workloads, we conduct the Azure migration in waves.

Final handoff and presentation

Don't get left behind!

Making a switch to the Azure cloud with the help of your Azure cloud migration services provider will inevitably bring grand success to your business. As your cloud migration services provider, we get the best Microsoft Azure migration plan to you, which does not compromise your data or security. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

As your cloud migration service provider, we help keep your business together, even during the downtimes. Azure site recovery enables you to install backups and replicate your data.

Often businesses choose hybrid cloud options over private or public clouds. As your cloud migration service provider, we ensure that we give you the best hybrid cloud infrastructure for your applications and workloads.

There are businesses with applications that do not undergo the same payload in terms of the customers. Thus, server space flexibility and cloud platform adaptability become essential for such applications. Our enterprise-level Azure cloud migration services help you store information safely and perform orchestration of server and cloud resources as needed. It allows you to pay for only what you use.

As your Azure cloud migration services provider, we ensure that any data center migration efforts from your end are minimized. Any unexpected operational issues will be taken care of by us. We will also help you control your expenses as far as any aspect of data center migration like a physical move, virtualization, etc., is concerned.

Digital transformation is already an integral component of any business today. With the new normal already setting in, we cannot stress how important it is to migrate from on-prem data centers to the Azure cloud platform with its rich Azure migration hub and tools. The incremental advantages which businesses see are immense, and they continue to explore unique ways in which this migration helps them. Your customers experience unprecedented client interaction, which automatically enables you to increase your revenues.

At Cognilytic, we trust that the earlier you make this paradigm shift, the better it will turn out for your business. We offer a complete range of Azure cloud migration solutions that will help you transform your business digitally.

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