Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Existing scenario and challenges

Globally, businesses need the services of the IT department to enable and maintain a gamut of their essential resources. For the majority of these businesses, such resources are critical for their incessant success. As a managed IT service provider continues to develop, it should support the dynamic requirements of its clients, thus adding to a solid return on investment (ROI) and reducing the need for more resources, and cutting back on costs.

If you are plagued with the same problems, your business is not alone…

Skyrocketing IT infrastructure expenses

Incompetent IT department

Infrastructure issues and unsteadiness

Repeated breakdown of applications and downtime

Compliance and security challenges

Our managed IT services as a business solution

In this age of stiff competition, proactive management, and improvement of your IT infrastructure is important for several reasons. A managed IT service provider like Cognilytic ensures:

Excellent score when it comes to customer satisfaction

Reduction of up to 40 percent of cloud-based expenses

Insignificant or no application problems

100 percent app availability

Managed IT services at Cognilytic

Profound industry experience and expertise to manage your IT infrastructure

Flexibility and scaling your business

Resource, technology, and business flexibility

Easy access to useful resources and expertise for more value

Customized monthly service reported as well as contracted service level agreements

Personalize your IT service

Do away with variable costs with an unsurprising monthly fee

Round-the-clock services

Who benefits from our managed IT services?

A managed IT service provider unleashes a plethora of business opportunities, defines incompetent processes, and helps in cost-cutting. Our consultant’s hard work benefits:

Your clients’ customers

Operations teams enjoying smooth IT services

Business leaders

Team managers for unbeaten projects

Why choose Cognilytic as a managed IT service provider?

A managed IT service provider helps to improve your business applications, cloud consumption, on-premise or cloud infrastructure, and drive productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

Managed network

Your company’s IT network infrastructure should be secure, up and running, and advanced to keep up with the pace of your business. As a professional managed IT service provider, we can help you develop, improve, and maintain your IT network to realize your current business goals and in the days to come.

Backup and disaster recovery

Many businesses lack when it comes to backup as well as disaster recovery. A managed IT service provider company will help in securing and handling your business data seamlessly.

Managed network

You need to have full confidence in your IT systems and Cognilytic’s MSP solutions help in administering and managing your IT systems so that your IT experts can focus more on strategic tasks and initiatives.

Collaboration solutions

Effectual collaboration is imperative in a modern business environment where your employees hail from diverse geographical areas. Cognilytic being a global managed IT service provider helps you reap the maximum benefits out of collaboration tools with tailored solutions.

Managed security services

In the modern, fast-paced business environment, businesses are besieged with IT security threats. With increased devices on the network, there is immense pressure from company stakeholders and compliance requirements to ensure the safety of business and customer data. There is no scope for mistakes and so you need our managed IT services.

ERP applications

When it comes to enterprise applications, especially ERP management, it is quite challenging taking much of your time. We at Cognilytic offers uninterrupted managed IT and cloud services for Oracle EBS, SAP, and Dynamics AX environments, thus offering one point of liability.

Managed storage

Database patching, database administration, performance evaluation, fine-tuning, and database upgrades are too resource-intensive. With the support of an experienced managed IT service provider, your business can assign fewer IT resources for routine troubleshooting and maintenance. A managed database solution just to meet your business needs.

All your business and customer data is extremely mission-critical and so round-the-clock access is imperative. Cognilytic comes to your assistance with accessible, safe, cost-effective, and flexible managed IT storage solutions to realize your performance and capacity requirements.

How our IT managed services will help your business?

Though the drivers for IT managed services, differ from one business to another. However, when it comes to our clients, the major drivers are:

Embracing new technology

Acquisitions and mergers

Bridging the gap in IT skills

Rising IT costs

Business agility

Company growth

Round-the-clock support

Improved service efficiency

Entry into new markets

Predictable monthly expenses

Why do you need managed IT services?

Too much reliance on IT assets for enhanced productivity of the business as well as the demand for cloud-oriented managed solutions makes a skilled managed IT service provider the most preferred choice of many companies.

Studies indicate that 64 percent of business use managed IT services

The managed services help in saving operational costs by 25 percent

The expected number of data susceptible to cyber threats is 3.3 billion in 2023

IT leaders or managers report knowledge gap as far as cloud-based challenges are concerned

The expected value of the managed services sector to touch $282 billion by 2023

The standard number of hard drive failures each week in American IT firms is 140,000

The usual cost of a data breach to an American firm is $7.9 billion

The above figures restate the importance of managed services in any IT company today.

Cognilytic provides managed services in the following areas:

Flexible service programs

Our cloud solutions include complete on-demand support and all-embracing services for a predictable and fixed per month cost. Get flexible, tailored programs developed to meet your unique business requirements.

Round-the-clock proactive manage

Our remote help desk staff as well as field service team handle your company’s IT systems with uninterrupted asset management, monitoring, auto patch deployment, scheduled security scans, server health evaluation, and database and website maintenance.

Professional support

As a managed IT service provider, we ensure on-demand support with outstanding response time and automatic issue escalation. Your IT needs are our hands and so that you can simply attend to your business needs.

Live assistance

Many IT firms try to stay away from live interactions and they expect you to leave some message or just wait and meander through an automated IVRS system that takes a long time to connect you with the right person. At Cognilytic, we respond to calls and we ensure that a dedicated person answers your phone or is directed to the right resource to address your IT issues. Alternatively, support cases submitted through the internet will get similar priority just as phone calls so that you can simplify your workflow.

Why businesses are moving to managed IT services?

Today, businesses are moving to managed IT services for several reasons including:

Access to new, innovative technologies

Did you know that over one-fourth of companies with less than 100 employees cited that they switched to managed services for accessing new and innovative technologies? Our pricing plans help a single business make the most of advanced software that small firms will fail to purchase on their own.

Trusted and efficient IT operations

Based on the findings of CompTIA, 55 percent of firms with over 100 employees cited that reliability and performance efficiency as their major inspiration for switching to a managed IT service provider. A third-party managed IT partner has the potential to offer 24/7 support, best quality service that only a handful of firms can afford to build and retain in-house.

Better uptime via a maintenance model

The traditional break-fix model did nothing to improve uptime since outsourced services came into existence after all the problems cropped up. Our managed IT services have the potential to spot threats and ensure your IT system runs with maximum uptime.

Improved compliance and security

When it comes to financial establishments and other businesses operating under an extremely controlled environment often face an immense risk. It is the threat of losing their official right to function, which happens if businesses fail to realize technological compliance rules and guidelines.

Again, cybersecurity is one of the key risks for companies of all types, sizes, and in most industries. A managed IT service provider will help you to avert data breaches and ensure constant regulatory compliance.

Cost-cutting and increased ROIs

With economies of scale, your business can cut back on costs with the help of a managed IT service provider. You have no full-time employees to support and access to advanced services, your business can save much of your money. Additionally, a managed service firm ensures cash flow by letting businesses make a cost-effective move cap-ex to op-ex, as well as, offering an expected price.

When one or some of these situations reverberate with your business and you have some 50 plus IT users, it is time for you to get in touch with us. Cognilytic is a managed IT service provider to offer high-value, affordable solutions to help you run an innovative and efficient IT operation that is scalable and flexible, without making heavy capital and employee investment, which such a business will usually require. Call us today.

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