Accounts Payable Automation

One of the burning business problems that has led to inefficient business processes is optimizing accounts payable (AP) process. Despite extensive engagements around ERP, OCR and various other document handling and e-invoicing, the core pain points persist. One of the solutions that companies go for in such circumstances is outsource the entire function and capitalize of cost arbitrage.

Below are some of the key roadblocks for efficient AP processes-

Unstructured & silo-ed data

Lack of standardization in invoicing

Manual discrepancies and handling of the same

Cognilytic’s AP Automation Solution

Customizable workflow rules & logics: We appreciate the fact that business processes evolve as businesses grow over time

Approval & issue resolution: Rule based, auto-approval workflow criteria in turn limiting human involvement

Regulatory compliance & governance embedded in the solution

Automation- Data capture and extraction: High accuracy Computer Vision based scanning feature

Therefore, connect with Cognilytic today to embark on the exciting journey of tech adoption to streamline your Accounts Payable processes

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